Sunday, January 25

No maid again

I am without maid again. Not a situation that I would like to be in but if you were me (a mother), you probably might have done the same.

My relationship with this second maid wasn't good, unlike my first maid, because this maid is highly incompetent, always make the same mistakes and had not shown much improvement even when we corrected her. She would also leave my MIL's home without asking for permission. And she would bring my baby downstairs to talk to other maids. On one occasion, my MIL's neighbor saw her continue to chit chat with another maid despite my baby crying. She had made no effort to cut short her conversation so she can return home with my baby. It infuriated the neighbor so much, she went up and complaint about my maid to my MIL.

There were just tons of other horror stories about her that it will takes me many days to completely list them down.

Well, today was the final straw. She was supposed to give my baby a bathe and I saw her sitting on the toilet bowl's lid, daydreaming away while my baby was alone in the tub which was at least 1 metre away! I confronted her and chided her for leaving my baby in the tub. She argued back, saying that by sitting on the toilet bowl watching my baby was good enough. I was furious! What the fuck! What if my baby fell and knocked her head? Anybody with some brains would know that by using that fucking pair of eyes to watch can never intercept a fall.

I told her to get out of the toilet while I personally went in to retrieve my baby from the tub. She stormed into her room and cried very loudly, machiam someone died! I went to her room to get my baby's diaper and clothes, she glared at me, totally tu lan lor. So I told her, "If you don't want to work, you tell me." Then she screamed at me,"Ya! Send me back to the agency now."

I replied, "OK." And within the next 60 mins, she was out of my house, out of our lives.

I might be irrational. I might be impulsive. My impetuousness might even seems nonsensical. But I just cannot bring myself to ask her to stay when she was indeed negligent when bathing my baby, and had argued back when I corrected her. She even hollered at me that she wanna quit.

Still I could have just tolerated her and even begged her to stay when she yelled that she wanted to go back to the agency, just so that I wouldn't be caught in the situation I am in now - having nobody to look after my baby when CNY holidays are over and tension at home.

I don't know who is more depressed? She, who lost her 3rd employer in a roll? Or me, who lost a lot more than just another maid.


Chantel said...

oh gosh! I remembered you mentioned u getting ur aunt's maid right? Hope that can be sorted out soon~

Laetitia said...

My aunt's maid is going to her brother-in-law, because the maid is looking after his son and he wants her. I had engaged another maid but it will takes around 3 weeks for her to arrive.

From LM (Laetitia's Mommy)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have had no good maid. Where are you? I am a maid(7 years)housemaid,chambermaid in hotel. If a maid is looking after an infant that is her first priority. You and daughter are better of without her. I am not Asian and find stories of Asian maids sometimes very distressing the way they lack proper training.


mel said...

oh no... but i think u did the right thing, I would have done the same.

Laetitia said...

I still believe there are maids out there who are serious in their work and will appreciate a good employer, but maybe I just have not met one yet. But there was a part-time maid who worked for me for a year before Laetitia was born, she was superb! All praises from me and no complains at all!

From LM


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