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Sunday, February 15

Apart from the 25

Maybe some of you are familiar about this thing call 25 Random Ramblings About Me on Facebook. Now I am going to do the "Director's cut" of the uncensored No. 26 - 38, only for my explicit world.

Oh.. FYI, this is rated NC-16 for vulgarities and nudity.

Ya, nude, your fucking head! Dream on! Here goes....

26) I used to drink at clubs and got myself so fucking dead drunk that I can't recall how I eventually got home. But I did manage to reach home somehow.

27) During a few of my drunken stupors, I actually peed in the public (behind some bush or car). I am sorry if my pee pee ever stained your wheels or killed your plants.

28) When I was 4 or 5, I killed a chick with a huge rock and I dumped its carcass into a canal so that my grandma wouldn't discover that one of her chicks was murdered. I was pretty convinced then that I was a sadist.

29) I remember when my brother was little, I hated him because he got all the attention of my parents; so one day I taught him to say "CHEE BYE" and when he stupidly repeated that, I complained to my mom that he used vulgarity on me.

30) When I was a teenager, I would crave words on my wrist with a pen knife and then put ink into the wound hoping that it would resemble tattoos. Don't try it won't work and it is hell more painful then an actual tattoo.

31) My first french kiss was a horrendous experience. This guy, whom I met for the first time, dated me out and when we were alone in the backyard of a school, he just grab my head and stuck his fucking tongue into my mouth. WTF! I was like "PUI!!!!!!!", get lost, you loser! And I was only 13 then!

32) I was a "love junkie" who suffered "withdrawal symptons". As soon as I broke up, I would be drifting to the next person who shows up "loving" me. After a few day, I would move on again until I need to get my next "fix",. I actually like none of the guys.

33) I used to get panic attacks so badly that I became breathless and got totally disoriented; I was even convinced that I was dying at some point of time.

34) When I was single, I dated guys from the Internet, many of them were simply too crappy for words but one good one became my husband.

35) I am contemplating for the longest time to get myself a full Brazilian wax, but that is going to be so fucking painfully. OUCH!!

36) In my younger days, I had wanted to be a Satanist but I can't find any Satanism Church in Singapore.

37) Around 10 years ago, I nearly died from an overdose of drug but that did not stop me from being suicidal, instead the birth of Laetitia changes it all.

38) Last to the list. If I die tomorrow, I hope someone would tell Laetitia about this blog.

Oh.. P/S: Make sure she turns 16 before she reads this.

1 comment:

HoneySweet said...

I'm sure Laetitia will grow up to be an avid reader of your blog *wink*


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