Thursday, February 12

The reunion dinner with the guys

Every CNY, I have a reunion dinner with this group of friends whom I had literally watched them (some of the closer ones) grow up. These guys were my brother's sec school buddies; I can't remember exactly how I came to become part of their "pack" but I was, and still am, always regarded as a sister to most of them.

The ritual of doing reunion dinner started when they were only boys (they were only 15 or 16, I recall). There were just a few of us and we would go to coffee shops for 'cze zhar'. Now there are 2, 3 tables of us, if everyone can make it to the dinner.

There will be some new faces from time to time when the boys or even myself change new girlfriends or partners, but the core of the pack would always be that few of us, unchanged for more than a decade.

This year, we have a new addition to the "pack", my daughter, Laetitia. The guys actually took turns to babysit her throughout the dinner so that Mr Hubby and I have the chance to eat our food.

Thanks to one of the guys, Yun Hao, who documented all our annual CNY reunion dinners by faithfully taking gorgeous pictures of us. And when I look back at his CNY past years' gallery, it was nostalgic to see those once familiar faces (our exs) who had became the history of our "pack".

And I really must thank Yun Hao for photo-shoping away those horrible skeeters bites on Laetitia's closeup face.

I am utterly grateful to have met this bunch of "monkeys", who had been there for me through all these years!

I am looking forward to next year's CNY reunion dinner. And guys, you have to continue to babysit Laetitia for me. But I know you would enjoy doing it!

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