Sunday, February 22

Die Bed Bugs, DIE!

Those horrific bites on my body were actually caused by bed bugs! I didn't believe it initially because I have checked my bed and found no traces of bugs, their feces or their remains. Mr Hubby also got bitten recently, so he decided to buy some bed bug spray regardless of whether they are actually bed bugs or some other creepy crawlies.

He sprayed our room and the maid's room (which is now vacant) with the solution and the next day, I "magic-cleaned" our room and was actually feeling quite disappointed when I didn't find anything. But when I was cleaning the maid's room, low and behold, I found 3 carcasses of the bed bugs under her bed!! Which means the bugs could have migrated to our room after the original host (which was my previous maid) left, that explains why we only experienced the bites after the maid's departure.

After doing some research on the Internet, I realised that it is actually common for those transferred maids to be carriers of head lice or bed bugs because while they are at the agency, waiting for their next potential employers, they will be staying in some over-crowding quarters, shared among many other maids who might already been infested by these blood-thirsty pests before they reached Singapore, especially those from the rural villages.

If you are getting a transferred maid from the agency, it is advisable to check the maid at the agency for head lice and her belongings for bed bugs before bringing her back to your home.

It was like WTF! I thought all my problems with my last maid would have finally come to an end after her dismissal, who knows she left behind a trail of messes and infestations for me to clear. Super KNN!!

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