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Wednesday, February 25

Me... 33!

I just turned 33, a couple of days back. There wasn't any celebration or birthday cake, only a quiet dinner with Mr Hubby and my mom (bro and his gf could't make it, at the last min) after I knocked off from work. Yes, I was actually working on my birthday; how sad!? :(

Mr Hubby surprised me with a very lovely bouquet of roses, when he came to pick up me from my office. And asked me what I wanted for my birthday. He did give me a few options.

a) Sponsorship for my driver's lessons
b) Co-sponsorship for liposuction
c) The LV bag that I had wanted to buy

Hmm... tough choices... Can I take ALL three?

I have not give him my reply yet; meanwhile just let me smell my roses and give those 3 options some thoughts....

Oh... maybe I don't need lipo anymore. I dropped another 1.5kg after being "Maria" for the last 3 weeks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happie belated birthday! And sweet flowers from the hubby!

And yes, just go for the LV bag! Driving lessons - you can always fall back on your hubby as the chaffeur. But LV bag: you get to use it! :)

- jane


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