Tuesday, February 3

Woes of a working mom

Usually after a week of CNY, I would had be fattened up by 1 kg or more. But yesterday & today at the work, many had commented that I seem to have lost weight.

The year of the Ox and I had been working like a fucking cow, doing the spring cleaning on my own while minding Laetitia, a hyper-active toddler because my damn maid decided to "fire" me the day before the eve of CNY. With loads of stuff not done, a house infesting with ants and 3 months of accumulated dirt waiting for me to scrub out (all thanks to the world's most incompetent maid), I literally had it all sweat out. And it didn't just end after CNY's eve; to maintain the cleanliness of our home, life just gets more tedious. Luckily Mr Hubby was a great help, who did his share of toilet-cleaning, floor mopping and etc.

We were working last Wed and Thur after 2 days of CNY, so we had to ferry Laetitia to my PIL's place on Wed's morning before work and picked her up again after work. Thur was madness, because I was working from home with Laetitia, who threw a terrible tantrum after lunch because she refused to let me clean her up. Fortunately, the tantrum must have exhausted her because she went on to nap for 3 hours, and that left me timeto catch up with my work. I remembered lunch for me that day was 5 mins instant noodles. I took 2 min to cook and 3 min to swallow them up.

Friday, I was on leave. Sat and Sun, I was off. As it was still the CNY period, we had visiting to do among our daily chores of housework and these were well eating up our precious rest days. With a full work week ahead of me and many activities happening in the month of Feb, I found myself working into the wee hours of Sat night, after Laetitia slept.

Sun morning, Laetitia was up early. It was cooking lunch, kitchen cleaning and laundry before I collapsed onto the bed for a 30 min power nap, waking up just in time to take over Mr Hubby, so that he had the chance to rest for a while before whisking the entire family to my PIL's place for dinner.

On top of all that craziness, I was also looking out for a new maid, sourcing for backups to help look after Laetitia, in case my PIL and us have to be away and planning my work days to coordinate a schedule where Laetitia would be cared for.

After leaving Laetitia at my PIL's home on Sun evening and returning to working professionally for the week, I can't help but search through my handphone for pictures which I had taken of Laetitia in that frantic week. It felt almost like a piece of me was taken away without her being around.

Instead of enjoying and relaxing, I longed for the weekends to come when I could again work my ass like a cow, just as long as I have my baby with me.


mel said...

AH cin.. I hear u. This is exactly the same feeling I felt when I had to work. haizzz...

Laetitia said...



mel said...

SAHM can ki siao also leh... i guess nothing is perfect and i'm coming bk to reality soon :(


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