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Sunday, February 1


Last Wed night, I woke up with an itch on my left arm. I thought I was bitten by some damn mozzies, even though there had not been any sightings of mozzies in my room since the day we moved in.

In the morning, I was greeted by some red, angry-looking hives and realised that it wasn't the work of the mozzies. Whatever that had bitten me, must had got me when I was BBQ-ing the evening before.

2 days later, the itch was still super intense and there seemed to be nodules clustering beneath my skin so I paid a visit to the doctor, who prescribed some anti-histamines and ointment with steroids for me.

After taking the medicine for 2 nights and applying the ointment 3 times a day, why am I still itching like mad?!

Just what the fuck had bitten me?? Whatever it was, I was grateful that it had chosen to bite me instead of Laetitia. But still, I hope that fucking bug dies a horrible death... like kena blinded by some insecticide first, then have its wings tore apart, its abdomen pierced through by a stick and suffered insanely for another 3 days & nights before wringing to exhale its final breathe!


I am so itchy!


ashire said...

hey dear
i got bitten too. nothing helps except this cream call ELOMET. try it:)

Laetitia said...

my bb was prescribed this cream for her mild eczema when she was younger but i think i threw it away already

From LM


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