Friday, March 20

Childcare Hunting

I had been visiting a number of childcare centres around my vicinity, hoping to find a good one for Laetitia to attend when she turns 18mths in the next 90 days or so.

Now that she is no longer a baby and toddler-hood can be quite a nightmare if we fail to give her proper guidance and discipline. We think it's time to put her in a childcare so that she can have some routine to follow instead of having to shuffle between our home and my PIL's place. And it's getting too confusing for her to have to live in 2 very different households.

So far, I have visited these few:

1) Greenfield Montessori at Hong San Walk

The place is serene and simple, not overly crowded with the right amount of children and teachers. Laetitia seemed to enjoy the place; she was seen helping herself to the toys.

2) Learning Vision at Sunshine Place

A very successful franchise, fully equipped centre with many children and teachers but comes with a hefty price tag.

3) Sheffield Kidsworld at CCK

Too academic focused. Environment is not conducive, classroom's windows are opened all the time with passerby under the HDB void deck, walking outside the class, was just too distracting.

4) Amazing Star Montessori at CCK

Amazingly deserted. There is only 1 pathetic child in the playground who has to combine with the bigger kids from N1 & N2. Totally lack Montessori-feel.

5) Montessori @ Graceland at Phoenix Walk

I called up and the altitude of the receiver was bad enough to totally puts me off! Of course I didn't bother to visit their centre.

I still have to go to a few other centres before deciding which is ideal for my little monster. Oppss... I mean little princess :P

Do you have a childcare centre to recommend us?


Ambross said...

Hrmm.. I do know one which is pretty good. Kinsland Educare @ Toh Yi (Bukit Timah). Its a bit far from your place but the principal emphasizes on result as well as growth for the kid.

The number is 64682341 and look for Ms Lee if you wish to make enquiry =)

Anonymous said...

pats' sch house

Its the best

Laetitia said...

Thanks for the suggestions. But Halifax and Toh Yi are quite a distance from my place. Any good ones in Choa Chu Kang, Teck Whye or Yew Tee? :P


Ambross said...

Hrm.. Have you tried Sunshine Place? They have a Learning Vision there. Other than that, Along CCK Ave 4 there are two childcare centre. One is more for Malay children and another is at blk 430-433. Maybe you can consider =)


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