Monday, March 9

Gain and Loses

It took 3, nearly 4 weeks for my new FDW to come work for me. And those days slogging away like an over-worked cow, balancing the household chores, Laetitia and work, not only helped me stay trim during CNY but I had also lost over 1 kg and a half without dieting. This was a breakthrough for me.

My new FDW has finally arrived on 1st Mar, Sunday. She is totally AWESOME!!! She has been a GREAT help to me since. I am so relieved to have her.

But you know what?!?!?

In just a short span of 8 days, I had gained back ALL of those pounds that I shed over sweat and hot tears. And I had a feeling that the needle of my scale is continuing to tip up.


Fuck, maybe someone up there is just super jealous of me!!

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