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Sunday, March 29

Happy Earth Hour

Saturday, 28th March 2009, 8.30pm - ALL lights go off

Laetitia watched curiously as I lit the candles on the dinning table. Moments later she was smiling and chanting away, "Hapi.. Hapi.. Hapi.."

She was probably relating the candles to some birthday parties. This girl is so funny!!

8.30-9.30pm was merely an hour, but without light, an hour seemed so much looongerrr! But Laetitia had fun watching "Fast & Furious" on TV because I can't do very much activity with her in the dark. Our FDW was happy because she don't have to do anything during that hour without light. And I was happy because each time there was a car racing scene on the TV, Laetitia would imitate the sound of cars by going "Vroomm... vroomm.." which sends her saliva flying across the hall. The sight of her doing that just tickles me so much.

Well I was glad the whole family stick by the decision to support Earth Hour.

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