Monday, March 30

Is it real love??

I think this question had probably crossed the minds of millions or maybe even zillions of women around the globe.

From the time when we were little girls, we were told of fairy tales where the prince in shinning armour, appears from nowhere, saves the poor damsel in distress and together they lived happily ever after. THE END.

And that, we were told, was REAL LOVE.

If you are bought into that story, I am sorry, but you are a fucking IDIOT!!

Love is a word that describes a feeling, an intangible one. So what is real and what isn't? And who has the right to judge what's real and what's not. Love can be a meaningless word, used most frequently as an excuse by people who do silliest, non-value added things for it.

OKOK... hold on! If you think something happened to me or my marriage.


I am doing GREAT!! No... I mean, our marriage is doing us both good.

Over the weekend, we (Mr Hubby & I) attended a session for Marriage Convention 2009. The seminar was entertaining but there wasn't anything new that we have not know of. (Incidentally, we had both read John Gray's book prior to dating each other, so we are quite an *ahem.. 'expert'.)

Nevertheless, the talk served very well as a reminder for us (& many other couples like us) that marriage, unlike love in fairy tales, requires loads of efforts from both parties to upkeep. Attitude is a small word with HUGE impact when it comes to how you treat your spouse. And complacency almost always, is a killer for marriages.

In my opinion, Marriage does not always = Love.

It is more of an union of two individuals who are COMMITTED to give better lives to each other and the family they formed. This stronger than love, that is very much more REAL than real love. This is MARRIAGE!

I asked Mr Hubby if he remembered our wedding vows. He said he did. I wasn't so sure, so I asked, "What was our vows then?" He replied, "I do." And he said that was ALL he ever remembered.

He was correct anyway. He don't have to remember the exact words in our vows, all that matters is - He said "I do." and from that moment, he will do everything within his power and limits to make our lives together a better one.

Marriage Rocks... but only if you believe in it!


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