Wednesday, April 15


Recently there had been threads of ill remarks spattering among my circle of FBers. It would usually start with this person posting a defaming statement of another person as her status and the rest of the fellow FBers would comment wildly on it. I thought it should die off after a while but it had been over a month and this disturbing activity show no signs of coming to an end.

Initially, I was like WTF. The person whom is currently in the spotlight and had been viciously "attacked" by the group, had formerly "stabbed" me behind my back too. So perhaps what goes around comes around right?! But on the other hand, I feel strongly that this is not right. Because the supposedly "bitch" (they named her), isn't even on FB!! So much for fighting fair huh?! It's ironic.

Furthermore, I also feel upset seeing the "defamer" so consumed up by her own rage that she is unable to free herself to really start moving on with her life or to see beyond the ugliness of the world, that there are so much more beautiful & meaningful things awaiting her.

So, I sent the "defamer" a note with the intent to help her realize that we can all have better life than this.

"You might have bottled up a lot grievances and displeasure while you were in your job, but now that you had left and has no further dealing with the people you dislike, I suggest you channel this negative energy into something more constructive; one which can help you to focus on building your current business. By making all these crude statements on FB, are pointless and I am not seeing that it will be doing you any good either. Life is only so short, why choose to be trapped in history and continue to torment yourself with so much hatred. Let go and move on to a REAL new beginning; don’t let the past be your ghost that lingers around you and prevent you from really living the moment of your life right now. If like you say, God/ Heaven has eye, then all the more we should just carry on with our lives and justice will run its course in the future. I sincerely hope to see you be more successful in career and happier in life, after leaving us; certainly not this way."

I got a reply from her... Angrier than ever.

"You are still in there working wif those hypocrites,anyway i dun tink YOU will understand how we feel tat time when we are UNDER her!!! cos u are not in our shoes!! Anyway it doesnt concern u at all"

In addition to that, I was "deleted" from their friend list. Oh! Now I had turn the 'gun point' at myself on FB, just by putting their malice into perspective??

I was like... HUH!?! Am I taking side here?? Did I say that the supposedly "bitch" was right and they are all fucking wrong?? Hmm... thought my message was more like: "Hey! Call it done already. Move on to somewhere better, will ya!!"

OK. I should have known that some people just don't and/or won't get it; making this whole episode seems kinda hilarious to me now. Haiz... I can be such an ass clown at times.

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Well, all I can say is: SHIT HAPPENS!!


Anonymous said...

I understand your good intentions.. But at this point of time, maybe the best antidote is TIME... TIME will ease their anger and grievance one day.. Certainly not in 1 or 2 months time..


WAH LAU! So serious lor! Angry until 1-2 month also angry lor. Machiam someone's got people died like tat. They juz petty lah. Heck care them lor.

Anonymous said...

This is call "好心被狗咬". Beware of bitches, next time!


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