Friday, April 10

Integrity/ Moral/ Value

I have so much to blog but so little time. Many things had happened at work and at home. Since I have always regarded bitching about work, on cyberspace, totally against my principles and unethical, I shall not be one of those ingrates who degraded themselves, flaming wild rumors online.

Ok, I shall talk about home. My home.

After enduring those torturing and testing time when my last maid from hell left, I had a new maid. For the first month, I couldn't believe my luck, she was.... PERFECT!! Everything that I had only dream of, for a Foreign Domestic Helper. She was disciplined, hardworking, efficient, positive and all. We treated her very well and had even included her in our plan for next month's short vacation. She told me that she really like working with us and we are very good people.

Then reality came knocking on my door. Last week, Mr Hubby was looking for his 'antique' Nokia handphone, one that has no camera function because he was due for military reserve. We looked high and low and I swear, I just saw the phone plugged in charger, a couple of days ago. Our maid, who had went out to enjoy her off day earlier that same day, was already at my PIL's place, so Mr Hubby phoned her and asked if she had seen his Nokia handphone and she replied that she had not seen it for days too.

The last place I searched, was the maid's personal drawer, which she keeps her clothes and handbag. I prayed that I will not see that phone anywhere near her possessions, but to my greatest disappointment, I found the phone in her bag.

On Wed evening, we fetched our maid back from my PIL's place and I confronted her about the handphone. She came up with the world lamest excuse. She explained that she did what she did because she wanted to "test" if I am really so good.

I was like WTF! But I was calm and told her, "I am not GOD, you don't have to test me. I treat you well because you do your job well and I don't see why I should be treating you badly. But similarly, if you won't do you job well, I will not treat you bad too, because, out you will go! It is that simple. And even if you had wanted to test me, you don't have to charge the handphone first!"

She broke down and cried.

I told her the worst thing about making a mistake is not the act of making it, it is when you won't have the courage to face it, admit it and find ridiculous excuse for it. Everyone make mistakes, I made hell lots of mistakes but at the very least, I have the guts to deal with it.

Anyway, she promised that she had learnt her lesson and will be prepared to prove herself and gain my trust back. To be fair, I believe everybody deserves a second chance. However, I also believe that chance should only be given ONCE!


What is the world coming to? What is integrity? What is moral? What is value?

I hate to say this, but look at the generation of young people now, it makes me wonder just WTF did their mothers do, or not done, to raise them up so depraved.

Then I stared hard at myself and fearing the same statement to be made upon me as a mother, when Laetitia grows up next time.

I HATE how it has to be now in our society where a mother has to contributes back to the society, be in the workforce and do everything except, doing what a mother should do. To be raising their own kids.

Instead we have to rely on some maids whom we hardly know, childcare centres which shout "POOR QUALITY!" and not forgetting those over doting grandparents and under devoted babysitters, to do the job of nurturing our own young ones and be left worried to death if they would grow up to become another pieces of social garbage!

FUCK! I am so dying to be a SAHM!

Someone in the government should hear this. This is the reason why your damn baby bonus, no matter how attractive, is NEVER going to work! Because I didn't go through 9 fucking months of pregnancy, 10 gruelling hours or labor, one 10cm C-Section scar to 'earn' those few thousands of dollars. I want to have babies but I WANTED even more to bring them up ON MY OWN!

How about, "Up to 3 years, unpaid leave, with job security" instead of baby bonus? That should work for me.


melissa said...

Oh my.. I am totally hearing you.. Now that I am coming back soon, I kinda dread coming home becos of my 2 little ones. The thought of not being able to try to parent and nuture them myself makes me hate being a Singapore mom. Everyday, I am cracking my head, hoping I can find a better solution for my 2 kiddos. I just want to do more for my kids and why is our country not helping.

Cin said...

When exactly will u be back? We must meet up, I want to see mei mei!!

melissa said...

i shall be back on the 1st or 2nd July.. not comfirm though, but from Edwin, we should be leaving on the 30 june. u dun wanna see Elliot ah?

Vampire said...

If they have good integrity, moral and value then you think they want to come here and be maid?


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