Thursday, April 23

My Life Chronicle

33 years ago -- Born in Singapore's KK Hospital.

24 years ago -- Parents divorced. I went to live with my grandparents ever since. The lost of my family impacted my life ever since.

21 years ago -- My dad remarried and formed his own new family. We became forgotten. Started to hate everything in my life.

17 years ago -- My first serious relationship which I held on for seven years.

11 years ago -- Lost my beloved granny to cancer. Devastated.

10 years ago -- Got registered with my first serious boyfriend, in hope to fulfill my dream of having a family.

9 years ago -- He fell in love with another person. Legally separated. Nervous breakdown. Suicidal. Series of psychiatric treatments. Got wasted nightly. Became seriously fucked-up.

8 years ago -- Met and fell in love for the second time and lasted more than five years. Moved in to stay with him and his family.

6 years ago -- He started cheating on me. Forgave him only to be cheated again. Relationship started to nosedive for the abyss.

5 years ago -- Popped my first sleeping pills and took them every night for the next couple of years. Visited shrink again.

4 years ago -- Attempted to jump off from the window. Plagued by hallucinations after increased dosage of sleeping pills. Changed shrink.

3 years ago -- Broke up. Bolted out without a place to stay. Put myself up at a haunted place. Fucked my life up further. Bought my own private apartment and quit sleeping pills, cold turkey style. Met Mr Hubby.

2 years ago -- Went to India; got enlightened. Became pregnant, got married and gave birth to Laetitia.

1 year ago -- Discovered that my mom has terminal cancer. Learn to truly live in the moment and the power of staying positive.

NOW -- Continue loving life; no matter what life brings. Living it knowing there is a purpose for having me around.

Do I want to go back in time to change anything? No. I wouldn't change a thing.
I am me.

"How has your life been?"


Anonymous said...

I admired your courage to face life.

melissa said...

well done ah cin, give a pat on your shoulder.. always been so proud of u :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start to write a novel....based on a true story type.

CcIiNnDdYy said...

True story about me? But I ain't no Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie, who the hell would wanna publish my novel?!

But I am working on my 2nd novella after "Affair of the H.E.A.R.T.S".

Probably need another 2-3 months' time to get the entire story out.

Vampire said...

Read 'Affair of the HEARTS'. Really cool story you wrote. Perhaps you should consider to be a writer.


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