Wednesday, April 29

One Life

We have only one life. How do you want to live it?

Living it....

... hoping to be richer/ to live in bigger house/ to drive a more expensive car?

... complaining about your work/ life/ and everything?

... wishing that you are not born into your family/ this country/ this world?

... dreaming of being more beautiful/ popular/ successful?

... wondering why you are so unhappy/ angry/ empty?

How about living it with gratitude? Because you are living in a place with choices, opportunities and most importantly, stability.

How about living it with a compassionate heart? Because nothing else matter, the day it stop beating?

How about living it and helping a child to live his/hers? Because just like us, they only have one life and we can ALL live it better, if only we help.

I have $45 a month to spare. I can spend it on Laetitia, buying her clothes when she already has more than enough to wear. I can buy her toys that she won't need. I can buy her candies and chocolates which might make her sick. Or I could use the $45 on someone who needs it more than Laetitia.

Mundherdene is my sponsored child from Mongolia. His mother had past away, his father is currently unemployed. Mundherdene has to walk many miles to collect water everyday. He didn't ask to have his one life living like this but he is coping with the hardship life brings.

There are many other children in various parts of the world, those lives you can help to improve by chipping in that $45 a month. Make someone's life different, by being a child sponsor with World Vision.

There is so much you can do in ONE LIFE.


Linda said...

Good job!

elliot said...

well done ah cin!!! I'm so proud of u. :)

I also want!!! But I need a job first... once I am back and settled.. I want to do this too!

elliot said...

the above is from Elliot's mom... :P


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