Monday, May 11

Am I A Mother?

It's my second Mother's Day as a mother and I realised I am beginning to dread this day after how my first Mother's Day was spent.

The first person to wish me "Happy Mother's Day" was my maid, Endah. The second person was a good friend of mine, who is also a mother herself; she text a SMS to wish me and all mothers "Happy Mother's Day". Third and final came from my best friend who called me on the phone to send me her wishing before calling her own mother.

If not for these three person, I won't have realised that I am also a part of Mother's Day. Thank you.

Sadly, I didn't hear those 3 words from the two most important person, as my role of mother. Perhaps next year, when Laetitia learns those words, I will feel less despondent during this special day created for mothers. All mothers.


Mrs Porcupine said...

Hello mummy,
You are a wonderful mummy! Laetitia's blessed in many ways to have a responsible and loving mum who cares the world for her, works hard for her, and loves her to bits. Hmm you know... all mothers belong to a long suffering club (a complete understatement), but I am sure one day we will all be appreciated by our little monsters.

Happy mama's day to you too! From the 4th (belated/bo sim .. bleah) person. :)

CcIiNnDdYy said...

Thank you, Mrs Porcupine. I am very touched.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think you are a very cool mother. Your baby and your husband will come to appreciate you one of these days.

PS: I also read your baby's blog. Good job, you are doing.


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