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Sunday, May 31


I always had people coming up to me saying that I look/seem/am happier now then I was when they compare me to my past. They would quickly assume that my life is now easier, have more love or money or maybe both.

Some had asked me how I do it. Seriously, I don't know. Don't get me mistaken. Not that I am unwilling to share; if there is even a secret recipe to happiness.

Truth is... I am not even sure what exactly is happiness. Is it how I look on the exterior. All smiles and laughter?! Then it would be easy; my tips is: just have many 'happy face' masks to interchange.

In the past, I had always thought of happiness like as if it was my final destination. Everybody gotta find their right route to reach to it somehow or another.

Then later, I read that happiness is a journey. A state of mind. A choice. A decision. A feeling. An over-rated feeling.... They all sounded quite philosophical. So when people ask, I tell them about happiness as of what I read, not what I thought it would be.

Deep down, happiness to me is a mission; complete with or without my personal emotions. It is my duty to bring her up, truly understanding the real meaning of the word "HAPPYNESS", which should be nothing more than PURELY BEING HAPPY. I wanted it to be just that simple for her.

And I know that will be my utmost happyness too, if I would to live long enough to see her achieve that.

"I would love for you to be nothing else apart from being healthy and truly happy."

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Linda said...

I can't help but feel, your happiness sounded kinda sad.


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