Wednesday, May 27

If only you know today is your last day...


Someone I came to know through Mr Hubby had past on in her sleep at the age of 33. Her sudden departure shocked and saddened many people who know her.

I recalled my last meeting with her was during her baby's first month celebration, some months back. And her parting words that day were, "Sorry, didn't have time to talk to you guys, will arrange to catch up again after this ok."

Sadly, the meet up did not happen and she was cremated this morning.

Despite our brief encounter, her leaving was hard for me to come to terms. It is like a waking call for me; to live everyday with gratitude, to show love to the people who love us, to forgive those petty mistakes, to enjoy each passing moment as though it is our last.


Hours ago, I ate dinner alone at the mall near my home. I saw a mother with her 2 pre-schooling children. The younger toddler was asking her for money to the kiddy ride. The mother, for whatever reason, refused. The kid got into a terrible meltdown and his slightly older sister was badly affected and started to weep softly. On seeing this, the father gave in and handed over a coin, and that cheered the toddler up immediately. Their mother continued to sulk.

During the ride, the toddler reached out his hand to hold his mother's, only to have to the mother shaked off his tiny hand and retorted childishly, "Don't touch me." Then the irritated mother walked over to the older sister, threw her a dirty glare and told her crudely, "And you, stop giving me your black face, you all got what you want already ok!"

Tears streamed down the little girl's face. The mother turned her face away.

I thought of my demised friend.... This mother has just no idea how much my friend would be willing to do just to be able to watch her baby grow up, into a child whose face would lit up on that kiddy ride.

I put down my burger. I had lost my appetite.

If today is the last day for that mother, is that what she wants her children to remember her for? Mean? Cold? And unforgiving?

Does it really need a sudden death to happen before we start to learn?


Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful entry; it reminds me that i have to treasure the people around me.

Just A Nobody said...

Sadly some people will never learn to treasure, even when they had been surrounded by countless deaths and losses. They just go on and on and on lamenting endless about how much regrets they had and then turn around and take all the people who care for them for granted. These sickos!


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