Friday, June 19

Feel like %#!@$?

I am having a really nasty yeast infection after taking anti-biotic for my horrible UTI attack. It is already killing me! Then comes the morning sickness, which do not restrict itself to just the morning hours. Win already lor!!

It is like I had entered this chamber of torture. Beginning with the painful UTI, tormenting yeast infection and then nauseating morning sickness... arghhh!!! When is this ever going to STOP! How frustrating!!

Plus, I threw up my lunch today after trying a tiny piece of preserved lemon slices, which was supposed to make me feel better. PUI!! So angry lor!!

It has been the 3rd day, why isn't the medicine doing its job??!!
Why am I still feeling like crap???



Laetitia makes me laugh. She is better than any medicines in the world. *sigh **short relief


mel said...

I think better see doc again to ease some of the torture. Maybe he can get u something for the yeast infection.

Hang in there, I believe after the 1st trimester, things will be easier to handle.

Ah mel sayang u k...

CcIiNnDdYy said...

Thanks Ah Mel, I already got medicine for yeast infections and supplements to help prevent future infections.

The last time all was well during 1st trimester, then 2nd I got G.D, thus I am so not looking forward to 2nd trimester too. :(


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