Wednesday, June 3

Thank you

I was not having the best day of my life; dragging my tired and overworked body into an overcrowded fast food restaurant at 10pm, trying to grab a quick bite to settle dinner.

I felt a sense of helplessness when I was struggling desperately to balance with my tray of food and drink with a overloaded handbag over my left shoulders and a laptop trolley towing behind me while scanning the place for a place to sit down.

At this moment, a friendly face showed up in front of me; he is a staff of the restaurant. He gestured for me to come over for he had found a seat for me. As I was making my way over clumsily, he reached for my tray and asked. "May I?" He took over my tray and placed it on the table of the seat he founded.

I thanked him and sat down only to realised that the napkins which I had placed beside my food earlier had fallen off from my tray. He reappeared, this time with some napkins. He placed them beside me and left quietly to do his work.

When I finished my dinner, I tried to return the tray, but I really didn't know where to return it to. He came over, took the tray from me and thanked me before I can even thank him.

Mr Ilham, from Mc Donald's at Lot 1 Shopping Mall, I hope I got your name right. I just want to say, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness and helpfulness lifted all the gloom off my day."

*The above is also emailed to ST Forum. I hope they (People in ST and McDonald's) recognized the good work of Mr Ilham.


Ambross said...

I believe Lot1's MacDonald is going the extra mile to their customers.

Just 30minutes back I was at Lot1 Mac trying my luck to get breakfast. The staff asked me to wait for a moment while she checks for availability. She can just reject me on the spot.

I still remember her name is Lilie =)

CcIiNnDdYy said...

ST Forum did not air the letter out, so I wrote to Mc Donald's in Singapore instead. I am a firm believer of compliments as much as I do write the world nastiest complain letter. Hehehe...

Ambross said...

Yes! They deserve it! Tho I believe all the wish is for a warm thank you for their act of kindness but well, a compliment will sure make they find the job worthwhile.

Good job on it cindy!


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