Monday, July 20

5 years ago

For the last 5 years, so much of my life had changed. It's almost unbelievable.

1) 5 years ago, my life begun at 10pm. Now, I sleep as early as 10pm.

2) 5 years ago, I said "moment with children is like moment in hell." Now, I will go to hell if that's what it takes to be with my Laetitia.

3) 5 years ago, I only thing I cook was instant noodles. Now, I cook, I bake, I shop for fresh groceries.

4) 5 years ago, gossips were the only thing that were shared over dinner. Now, cooking recipes have been the "IN" topics.

5) 5 years ago, I sing to mandarin pop songs at KTV. Now, I sing songs from "Elmo's World" and "Sesame Street".

6) 5 years ago, I live my life however way I want. Now, I plan my life, giving the best I can for my family.

7) 5 years ago, if you call me "Auntie", I will kill you. Now, you are free to call me "auntie" or even "mommy".

1 comment:

someone said...

I am sure your change is for the better.


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