Friday, July 31

Girl or Boy?

2 days back, I went to the hospital to do the scan and blood test for Fetal's Down Syndrome and to my relief, I belongs to the low risk sector.

The image from the scan is so much clearer and thus the doctor was able to predict the gender of my 12 weeks old baby. He had guessed that the baby would be a boy but he was quick to add that he had been wrong before and warned us not to buy anything for the baby yet.

Mr Hubby likes to have a boy, since we already have a beautiful girl. For me, I am fine, whichever sex, as long as my baby is healthy. But secretly, I was imagining the name to be "Michaela" (meaning: like God) but since this is a girl's name, I guess I have to just drop it.

It will be another 170-180 days to go, before I get to hold my baby in my arms, I just can't wait to pop. Everyday, I am feeling tired and at times I can be quite sick with all that puking, headaches and nauseousness. On top of that, I look sooooo bloody TERRIBLE!! Bloat like a water buffalo that walks up right like a penguin! And my complexion had also makes me look really dull these days. All those pregnancy hormones are not doing me any justice at all!

I can only comfort myself with the wise words of one of my co-worker. She told me, "Heaven is fair. When you are ugly, you will become prettier during your pregnancy, but when you are usually pretty, you will look your ugliest when you are expecting a baby."

OK. I rather be ugly just for these 9 months than for the rest of my life.

Maybe, I should go into hibernation for the next few months, until I have given birth so nobody gets to see the hideous side of me.

Has to work later of the day :((
Why isn't it the weekends yet?????

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Linda said...

Do take care :)


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