Thursday, July 9

Already 2 years!

We were lying on our bed, on the eve of our anniversary; Mr Hubby asked me if I would like to have anything for this anniversary. I said I wanted a sponsorship for liposuction, but now is not a good time. I can always ask for that next year, so that left me with nothing that I wanted.

When I asked Mr Hubby what he wanted, he didn't know too. So we just went to sleep, not expecting anything to happen for each other the next day.

On the morning of our anniversary, my maid asked if we are coming home for dinner and Mr Hubby replied yes, so I wasn't thinking of celebrating it over candle-light on anything either.

Then in the afternoon, I received the most beautiful bouquet I had ever got. It was made up soft black feathers with 12 red roses and 5 very sweet-looking tulips, surrounded by baby's breathe!

In the evening, Mr Hubby came to pick me up from work and as he was driving, I thought we were heading home, then he hit the AYE instead of PIE, I had to ask him, "We are not going home?" He then replied sheepishly that he had called home earlier to ask my maid not to cook our dinner and he was taking me to somewhere very nice.

He drove to Sentosa. We ended up at The Cliff, situated inside the luxurious The Sentosa Resort and Spa. There was even a peacock who greeted us outside the restaurant.

The view of our table was spectacular; I love it more because we saw rainbow on our way there!

Mr Hubby had a champagne while I had a very refreshing mocktail because I had to avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

This was our appetizer, Hokkaido Scallops. The scallops, slightly torched, were very fresh and taste wonderful with the creamy sauce.

For soups, I had this very tasty Veloute of Sweet Corn with king crab parcel in the middle and Mr Hubby had this very unique Roasted Tomato Soup with garlic foam and tarragon ice-cream.

I always love lambs, so main dish for me was Char-grilled Tasmanian Lamb Rack while Mr Hubby loves his Wild Canadian lobster fettuccine with its fat juicy lobster.

We had some deserts which comprised of many little delightful treats. I love the macaroons!

The restaurant surprised us with a slice of complimentary cheesecake, knowing that it was our anniversary. We were very impressed with their service throughout our 3 hours long dinner. They were making all the right suggestions and taking good care of us; they absolutely had live up to the term "fine dinning".
And yes, we had been eating from 7pm right up to 10pm. We left, carrying our tummies with both hands. We were like 2 fatties!

Before, you start to think that I am a lousy wife who got Mr Hubby nothing. I caught him by surprise with the delivery of this gift hamper to his office. It has this lovely chocolate fondue set inside! He likes chocolate fondue and so do I. Hehehe...

Lastly, I was amazed how much the tulips had grown just over a day and half!!

I love my life!!


Vampire said...

So romantic lor!

Saffron said...

Mr. Hubby is so sweet.. :-)

mel said...

so....... ENVY!!!! can i pass my edwin to ur hubby for training?!

CcIiNnDdYy said...

He can be really sweet & romantic at times! **blush


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