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Wednesday, November 4

Bloody Mess

I hadn't been well since last Friday, and because I am a preggy, my medicines are nothing but the mildest, which explains why I am not getting any better.

Last night, I had this massive bleeding from my nose. The blood was flowing out of my nose like a uncontrollable tap. When I pinched my nose to try stopping it, blood then gushed into my mouth instead and it had me gagged and threw up. It went on for more than 10 minutes, non-stop. The bathroom sink was looking like a crime scene straight out of CSI, complete with blood splatters all over.

These blood-stained tissue papers in the bin were just a tiny fraction of what I had used. I think I finished an entire box.

Mr Hubby was worried and had me escorted to the doctor. Laetitia was just as freaked out and kept saying, "Mama.. pain.. pain.." My poor girl, I must have frightened her quite a bit there.

I came back from the clinic with gauze stuffed into my nostrils and tape stuck to my nose. By then the bleeding had stopped.

Just as I thought, all was well, this afternoon, my nose turned on its bloody tap again. I was sitting in front of the telly and I felt a strange taste in my mouth. I licked the back of my hand and it was blood. Seconds after that, the blood from my nose was flowing down to my chin. I ran to the toilet and made a bloody mess out of it again.

I hope this is not gonna happen again when I return to work tomorrow. Imagine how embarrassing to see me holding my nose with a pair of bloody hands in the middle of a meeting!

Oh my, I hope I do recover soon....

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melissa said...

oh no!!! my nose bleeded too when I was having Meimei. too heaty, drink more water and cross ur fingers they don't start bleeding again. take care ah cin...


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