Tuesday, November 3



... with my 1st try, when I am 6mth pregnant and that's on top of me fallen sick at the very last minute. (I was down with a horrible sore throat, cough and blocked nose on Sunday.)

Nothing can stop me, I was all geared up to pass in one single take, knowing that my gynae would not write me a second letter to allow me to have another go if I fail.

And I have only 14 demerit points in total. Actually my results could have been even better, if not for this KNN MPV who accelerated when I signal to cut into his lane. The bugger sped up and I also hit the gas pedal lah. And that cost me 12 points for "abrupt lane change" and "causing other driver to slow down". Luckily, I was just 2 traffic junctions away from the driving school.

Nevertheless, I am so proud of myself for passing basic theory, final theory and practical, all in one take.

Next week, when Mr Hubby goes out of town, I might be able to hit the road with his car.


God bless the other drivers on the road!

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