Monday, November 23

Missing Mr Hubby

Mr Hubby has been travelling quite extensively for work, these couple of months. And with Laetitia's arm in cast, I took more leave to stay at home, to be here for my little one.

Although I miss Mr Hubby during the time when he was away, I feel his business trips gave us time away from each other and help me grow as an individual. And believe it or not, 小別 really 胜新婚. I miss and love him more than the period of time when we just got married.

Having said that, sometimes, I still hope he is around more often, especially, when I am heavily pregnant and Laetitia, who is left with one good arm, coughs quite badly at night. It would be nice to have someone to take turns with me, caring for her at night.

It would be another few more lonely nights before Mr Hubby returns; meanwhile I am kept sane and smiling by admiring the LV bag he paid for me. (I only ask him to pay for 1 and not both bags. See what a good wife I am.)

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