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Thursday, December 3

The Annual Wage of a Mom

That day I was reading the papers and there was a report saying that a full time mom should be drawing USD$120000 (that is about S$160000) for her annual wage!

Wooowww!!! That's a lot of money. But sadly, no mom I know of, gets anything close to this amount of paycheck. Hmm... unless you are Posh Spice or the talk-of-the-town, wife of Tiger Wood, Elin Nordegren.

If you are thinking only a full-time mom is worth getting paid, you are so wrong. Working mom is also worth some money. I went to Mom Salary Wizard and had my fair share of work evaluated and guess what, my part-time mom job should get me a paycheck of USD$45714 (that is S$68571!!). And it is just being PART-TIME mom for those 2 days over the weekends and over 3 hours every weekday; this is just a little short of what my full time day job is paying me right now!

Curious to know how much you are worth as a mom? Here is the website (for zipcode, just enter any random US zipcode, it doesn't make a lot of different). Have fun!


For Dad?? I am sorry, there is nothing for you at the moment.

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