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Tuesday, February 23

34 already?

With Mr Hubby away on business trip, I have a quiet... almost non-existent birthday this year. There isn't a celebration or present, just some greetings from FB and birthday wishes coming in through SMS.

Haiz... Technology, sometimes makes me wonder if it is a good or bad thing.

Anyway, it is not all that depressing. I still have Laetitia and Leonitus by my side, even though they have no idea whatsoever about me turning 34 today.

Yesterday evening, I went to the mall with Laetitia, we past by a confectionery shop and Laetitia was so drawn to the wide display of cakes, I bought a slice home. I wasn't intending to use it to celebrate my birthday hence we gulped it down faster than anyone can say "Happy Birthday".

Then my maid brought out a tiramisu, left over from Leonitus's party, and stuck a straw on it to represent candle. Laetitia held it and sang me half a birthday song before she plucked out the straw and ate the tiramisu.

It was a hilarious sight; I had a good laugh with it. I think she had given me the most precious birthday present any kid her age can give.

I am 34 already. Happy Birthday to ME!

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Mrs Porcupine said...

Mummy of L and L, a most blessed happy birthday to you! =) I'm sure it will be a wonderful one this year sharing it with your two precious loves.. what joy they are! :) Have a love-filled and warmest birthday this year filled with people you love... and hope you get yr real bday cake when hubby's home. :)


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