Tuesday, March 2

I am BBB

A few days back I bumped into my ex-boyfriend. It was so totally unexpected. This was the first time I saw him after we had parted, in the last two and a half years and you know what?! I was looking like SHIT!

I had the worst of the bad hair day. I was wearing an outfit that show off my post-partum tummy which resembles tyres at the place where I am supposed to have a waist. I could have felt better if I had some makeup on, but hell no, my face was more naked than a baby's bottom!

At the instant, evil word bubbles formed in my head. Fuck, he must be thinking, "Heng, I siam fast siah! Look at what an auntie she has become! From 'chio bu' becomes 'lao kueh bu'!"

I felt lousy but not for very long. I reminded myself of those days when I was looking damn chio but always feeling old and ugly because I had a younger boyfriend who ranked high on the infidelity meter. No matter how pretty I was, I wasn't going to be the one he wants to be with. It was THE worst self-esteem crusher anybody can have.

Right now, I am more than a ton overweight, smells like soured milk, wears no makeup. And my current fashion has been my least figure flattery pyjamas for the past months, but I have a wonderful man who makes me laugh with his lamest jokes and holds my hands in bed. On top on that, I am blessed with two beautiful kids, who never fail to brighten my days. So why the hell do I have to care how I look in front of an ex?!

Underneath that big, frumpy facade, I am beautiful because I have a beautiful family and I am living a beautiful life.

Yes. As for now, I am BBB.


PS: Whatever you are looking at is only temporary. I am still going on a diet and would return to my chiobu-ness soon. Hehehe....


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Melissa Yeo said...

aiyo.. u r swee one lor... don't have to worry about this ok. the extra weight will be gone in no time. :)


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