Friday, February 12

The dentist drilled a hole in my pockets!

Finally went to the dentist yesterday after many gruelling weeks of torture by an excruciating toothache.

The news was BAD! VERY BAD!! The tooth was beyond salvation. The cavities had reached the nerve; nothing can be done except for root canal. I was reluctant but the pain was so bad, I caved in.

Appointment for root canal was made. The dentist proceed to do a pulpectomy by drilling on my decayed tooth, to ease my pain. It took a nerve-wrecking 30min, I barely survived. The bloody root canal will take 3 times longer. I think I would be dead by then.

Bill came up to be:

X-ray and pulpectomy: $250.
Root Canal: $900.
Crowning: $1200.

A total of $2350!!

WTF! I could buy another LV bag with that!


1 comment:

endodontic dentist ohio said...

I think thats quite expensive. The quality work of endodontic specialist should be good. hope you take care of your root canal.


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