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Sunday, February 14

My CNY cum V'Day's Eve

This year's CNY clashes with Valentine's Day. But I don't have to choose between them because for the first time in my life, I am NOT going anywhere to celebrate. Damn the confinement!

On the eve of CNY, 11pm to be exact, the telecoms of our home sounded. I was breastfeeding Leonitus, so Mr Hubby answered it.

Me: "So late already. Who's that?"
Mr Hubby: "Delivery. You order McDonald's ar?"
Me: "Huh? No."

Mr Hubby ordered a bouquet for roses for me. I was totally surprised, I didn't think I would be getting anything this year.

So totally touched by what's on the card.

I didn't get Mr Hubby any present this year... wait a minute... I think I did. I gave him Leonitus, didn't I. Hehehe....

1 comment:

Melissa Yeo said...

so jealous!!!! can I send my edwin to ur husband for training?


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