Thursday, April 22

I don't want my maternity leave to end

In lesser than 2 weeks, my maternity leave would have come to an end and I would be going back to work. So sad. Quite frankly, I am not looking forward to it at all.

I simply love what I am doing right now, just staying at home and be there for my double Ls.

Here is how a typical day of mine would be.

8a.m - Wake up. Feed Leonitus milk.

8.30a.m - Pass Leonitus to my maid and go back to bed.

11ish a.m - Wake up. Eat brunch. Play with Leonitus. Read some papers.

1p.m - Welcome Laetitia home from school and put her down for her nap after reading her a story.

1ish to 3p.m - Run errands. Surf net.

3 to 6p.m - Laetitia wakes up from nap. Play with her. Watch TV/DVDs with her.

6p.m Feed Laetitia her dinner. Eat my dinner. Shower her. Shower myself.

7ish p.m - Watch TV.

9p.m - Put Laetitia down to bed with a story.

9ish to 12a.m - Watch TV. Play with Leonitus. Coax him to sleep. Surf net.

12a.m - Feed Leonitus milk.

1a.m - Get ready to sleep.

4a.m - Wake up. Feed Leonitus milk. Get back to sleep only to wake up at 8a.m again.

The cycle repeats.

It is probably dead boring for many, but I really like the simplicity of this kind of life. 100% stress-free and lots of fun playing Laetitia's toy. And you know what, I had learned to use playdoh to create interesting stuff like flower and this 'xiao bai cai'. It's awesome!!

Hear me shout,

"I absolutely dread going back to work!"

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