Wednesday, April 14

My Everyday Classroom

So far, being a Mommy to my double Ls has helped me to learn to:

1) Talk softly and gently, even though I am in the mood to kill somebody.

2) See the innocence of lives and be awed by those little minds.

3) Appreciate the *beauty of motherhood. (*Yes, I am talking about the hanging bits of loose skin, scar of the c-sections and those horrible stretch marks across my belly.)

4) Not gag when I am sprayed with pee, touched a poo or have vomit drenched all over me.

5) Get by everyday with a bit of humor. Especially useful when I have deal with Laetitia's tantrum.

6) Have patience, patience and MORE patience!

7) Rock Leonitus to sleep with my foot aand reserve my hands for something else; like blogging this entry. Hehehe...

Still, everyday is a new learning experience for me.


Anonymous said...

After seeing your blog, want to say that you are a good mum of 2.

Not like me, always quick temper after become the mother of two. Feel really sorry to my girl, always shout at her.

Laetitia said...

Hi Anonymous. Everyone can learn to be a better mom. Just remember, Lesson #2 "See the innocence of lives and be awed by those little minds." Try to look at your kids in a different perspective and look beyond those tantrums and nottiness. :))

From: Double Ls'Mom


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