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Monday, May 24


Today hadn't been a good day for me. I started my morning, overwhelmed by a feeling of frustration and I was totally perplexed not knowing what exactly I was fussing about.

Maybe it's the fucking weather. I am all sticky and sweats out like a pig, no matter how many time I shower.

I was working from home, while Laetitia, who wasn't that fantastic herself, had a runny nose, henceforth wasn't in school. With all that crankiness going on between us, the two of us really didn't make such a great pair being at home at the same time.

I was trying to get my work done in the study room, she kept coming in and demanded that I play with her or letting her sit on my laps. I tried to explain that I was not having my day off and I would want to do my work. She really had me pissed off when she started whining when I stopped her from messing with my laptop.

At some point, I just keep quiet and glared at her with eyes so big, they probably looked very evil. It was enough to make Laetitia stop her nonsense. She pursed her little lips up and then said in almost a whisper, "Mommy, don't be angry ok."

That put me on the road trip to guilt again. I explained that I wasn't exactly angry with her but I was just not in the greatest of mood and I need her to stay out of my way, at least for now.

She left me alone.

Only to be back 10 minutes later. This time, she demanded that I watch "Elmo" with her.

ARRGGHHH!!!! I so wanted to tear my hair out!

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