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Saturday, May 29

A night at SGH

Woke up yesterday morning, after a night of painful backache, feeling awfully crappy. I spent the entire day resting in bed. My usually good appetite and my natural attraction to food were totally gone. By evening, I was in so much pain and had practically vomited anything I tried to take in. I was in a terrible shape.

Mr Hubby came back home and brought me to a neighborhood GP, who suspected that I had Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, he wrote me a referral letter and asked Mr Hubby to rush me to SGH's A&E. Then it was a night of endless checks, x-ray, jabs, pokes and drips only to find that it wasn't AAA but the doc in SGH couldn't be sure what was wrong with me.

When the doc wanted me to stay overnight for observation, I broke down and cried. I guess, the pain and the anguish of not knowing what was wrong with me, were all too much for me to take; plus I really missed double Ls, who were home alone with the maid.

Mr Hubby comforted me and assured me that our kids would be safe at home. Knowing he was worried seeing me in pain and tears, I agreed to stay in the hospital and get myself treated. So started my long night in the observation ward, lying on the uncomfortable stretcher which double up as my bed and waking up numerous time to the unfamiliar surrounding.

I was discharged in the morning after the doc was very sure that I do not have AAA but some infections to the bladder. I left the ward with 3 days of hospitalization leave and some medications. Totally exhausted, but at least I was no longer in pain.

What a horrible way to kick start my long weekend!


joven said...

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Laetitia said...

I view liao... but totally catch no ball lah.

Mommy of Double Ls


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