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Friday, May 14

Live Well

The other night, Mr Hubby and I shared some pillow talk. He had recently attended the wake of his friend; this poor guy, who was slightly younger than Mr Hubby, had passed on, in his sleep. He had been the second friend of Mr Hubby who died while sleeping, in a short span of two years.

Mr Hubby was sharing with me how these deaths had shaken him up quite a bit. He went on to say, "I don't know what would happen if I die, like them. I can't imagine leaving you to bring up our kids."

Mr Hubby has all the valid reasons to worry, because I SUCK big time with financial planning. I am the type who spend and not know what I spend on. Mr Hubby is the CFO of our household; he is my rock who gives me the ultimate peace of mind, when I can just go on and on with my mindless shopping sprees and not having to worry that we would go bankrupt one of this day.

Then he said something that nearly made me cry but I held on to my tears. "If I am gone, you can remarry but (you) make sure that man truly love our kids."

"If I die, I am very sure you would never ever find another woman as good as ME!" I reproved. "So, let's just all live well ok."

That night, I hugged Mr Hubby to sleep, feeling so blessed to have his arms around me. Seriously, I know not what to do if I am without him, even though I have always been quite independent.

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Saffron said...

I understand where you are comin fm, Cindy.. Life is unpredictable.. Just to share with you that it's really important to write a will and do proper planning..


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