Sunday, May 9

My Mother's Day "Surprise"

This is my third Mother's Day. After two very disappointing years, I have been reminding myself not to harbor any high hopes. But still, I was hoping to receiving one of those ugly-looking... oppss... I mean abstract-looking, self-made card by Laetitia.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning, all came and were gone. I waited... and waited... the card was nowhere in sight!

Not giving up, I asked Laetitia, "Darling, today is Mother's Day, which means it is MY day! So where's my present?" Having just woken up from her nap, she replied sleepily, "It's in the plastic bag."

"Really? Then where's that plastic bag?" I asked.

"It's outside." She pointed to the living room. My heart skipped a beat. "Am I finally getting something from her?!"

I tailed her as she walked out of my room. At the bedroom door, she stopped, turned and pushed me back inside, "Mommy, you wait here ok." "Oh, it must be a surprise." I thought to myself. Unable to contain my excitement, I was seen grinning from ear to ear.

Laetitia came back to my room with a plastic bag filled with her toys. "Where is Mommy's present?" I stretched out my hand; close to begging for it.

"Nehhhh!" She exclaimed as she put a red plastic cube on my hand.

"Huhhh... that's .... quite a surprise...." +_+ *fainted.

Whatever happened to those hideously scribbled Mother's Day card? Don't all preschoolers' moms get one?

Hopefully, next year, I will get my first REAL Mother's Day surprise. Meanwhile, I am happy just being the mom to my two lovely babies.




Melissa Yeo said...


Don't bother about those abstract looking cards. Though Elliot and Emily both had their cards done in school for me, but I didn't feel much u know. Cos for Emily, she is too young to do any arts and craft, so her teacher kinda helped her and got it made for me. And when I got the card from her bagpack, Elliot claimed its his.

As for Elliot, he gave me a paper flower, which I dont think he did (too well made), and a card with some small scribbles on... he also claimed that its his, even though he knew its for mother's day and started playing and tearing them to pieces.

That's my Mother's Day.

Lydia said...

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Laetitia said...

OMG Ah Mel! This so funny. Elliot is such a joker! Hahaha... Hope we will have better Mother's Day when our kids grows up and start to earn $ then maybe we can get some REAL present.

Ah Cin

Laetitia said...

Lydia, thanks for cruising by :)


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