Sunday, June 13

Eye Woe II

I had my worst fear confirmed after a trip to the doctor's clinic. I have officially becomes the 4th victim of Conjunctivitis.

There was so much discharge when I woke up from my nap, I was not able to open my eye! It was disgusting!

Now I can finally understand why those two kids of mine were so fussy when it comes to putting their eye drops because the bloody eye drop leaves a HORRIBLE, bitter after-taste in the mouth that lingers for a long time. It kills my appetite and made me skipped my lunch earlier.

My affected eye is itchy and painful like hell and this is only Day 1. The doc had warned that it will take around 5-7 days to recover from it. Feeling so damn awful already.

Now I am just praying I won't be passing this virus on to anybody else.

1 comment:

Mrs Porcupine said...

gosh looks pretty bad, hope you get well really soon mummy.


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