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Friday, June 4

Eye Woe

Last Friday, it was SGH; a week later, it's KKH; but this time it wasn't me. My maid called me at work, saying that Leonitus's eyes are red, swollen and teary. I came back home to be shocked by the condition of his eyes.

Leonitus has very long eyelashes but he also has Entropion on his right eye, which make his lower eye lashes turned inward and caused his eye irritation. His pediatrician had already referred him to KKH, but we were unable get an earlier appointment and he was scheduled to see the eye surgeon at the end of the month.

Mr Hubby and I decided not to wait and we rushed him down to KKH. It turned out that it was not Entopion that was causing him the problem but a really bad case of Bacterial Conjunctivitis. What a relief!

However something good came out of this scare; we will able to move our eye appointment up. Leonitus will get to see the eye doctor next week instead of having to wait until the end of the month.

One more thing, Leonitus's left eye had became BIGGER, because his eyelid somehow became doubled after being infected! I am wondering if this change is gonna stay permanent. If it is, then I am hoping for his right eyelid to double too!

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jineen said...

hey there! i found your blog just by looking around and read through some posts:) i enjoyed reading you and will be back:)


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