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Friday, July 9

3 Years of Absolute Bliss

It was our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 7th of July. I woke up with a pair of red eyes, so petrified after suffering from a bad case of conjunctivitis, I completely forgotten that it was our anniversary.

That afternoon, Mr Hubby sent me a SMS to check if my eyes were better and that he booked a table at a nice restaurant. Oh my gosh! I die die have to go lor.

We had a lovely candle-light dinner at Flutes at Fort Canning. We started off with some oysters then foie gras, which was so heavenly! For mains, we shared this really huge serving of roasted rib from a 300 days old Australian calf, complete with lots of vegetables and baby potatoes. So tender and yummilicious!

During dessert, Mr Hubby whipped out a present, it was a Rosendahl watch! He bought a pair which symbolises our union and he was wearing his black one already.

Apart from the wonderful food, we had some very good conversation too.

Mr Hubby and I are two person of opposite characters, likings and personalities. He is good with figures, I suck big time. He is sentimental; he keeps mementos which are more than a decade old. I spent 5 minutes reading my greeting card and on the 6th minute, that card will be in the trash bin. He is analytical, I am intuitive. He is a workaholic, I am more of a sloth. He can be melancholic at times, keeping things to himself; while I can be quite nonchalant to the world after ranting everything out like vomit. When it comes to money, he is good with wealth management, I am at best squandering off goldmine.

We are like one left foot and one right foot, totally opposite yet we compliment each other. I like it when Mr Hubby said, "Compliment is better than Compromise." Because it is so true!

"Compliment" works by leveraging the strength of your partner, while "Compromise" is more like finding a common ground in your partner's shortcoming. Not that we don't have any faults, but we are able to look beyond the flaws of each other and that is a challenge which thwart most marriages.

These 3 years have been the MOST AMAZING time of my entire life. Thank you my dear, for bringing out the best in me. And I thank myself for being the "Stepford Wife" many men would only dream of having. :))

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