Thursday, July 22

Team Celebration at USS

Went to Universal Studio Singapore a few days ago, with some of the best people in the brand, to celebrate the team's success for the last fiscal year. This team has been great, but still, we can be at each other's throats when work gets a little crazy sometimes!

Shrek's Castle had one of the best 4D movie ever! I would love to bring Laetitia here one of these days.

Here is part of our Singapore Team, all Singaporean; led by our Australian leader. We are a small but hugely dynamic group!

Hey! I should be receiving one of these little men, specially this one that says, "World's Greatest Wife"!

Wrapping the celebration up by shouting out our team slogan.

"SK-II - Living the Asean Miracle, Exceeding 100 and beyond!"

*All photos were contributed by my kind co-worker. A million thanks, Joan!

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