Sunday, August 15

Almost as good as Da Vinci

Last week, Mr Hubby brought Laetitia to the mall and they came home with a new set of water colors. Laetitia was all excited and kept talking about painting and even went to sleep with those water colors placed right beside her.

I was apprehensive, because the last round when I tried to let her do some finger-painting, I almost had to repaint my walls. So I kept putting her plan to paint with her new set of colors off.

Every weekend, I would get to sleep in, while the kids, who wake up the same timing everyday, would to care for by my helper.

When I woke up, my helper showed me this nicely colored piece of drawing. I was very surprised when my helper told me the coloring with done by Laetitia. And it impressed me even more when she said that Laetitia had done it by herself, without help from anyone.

WOW!! It was almost like seeing Da Vinci's Mona Lisa right in front of my eyes! I couldn't believe it!

Sometimes, it takes a little bit more faith with our little ones in order to bring out their true talents. A lesson learnt!

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