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Wednesday, August 4

6th sense or a wicked sense of humor?

There was a time when I was slight worried because it seemed like all the kids around Laetitia's age were all starting to talk at 12-15mths, all except Laetitia.

When Laetitia turned 2, it was almost like magic, she started picking up lots of words and before I know it, she was rattling non-stop like a machine gun and sometimes she can go on and on and on for hours talking like there's no tomorrow!

I enjoy having a conversation with her because she always says the darnedest things and she makes me laugh off all the stress which I had accumulated trying to balance work and life. But sometimes, I wonder if she really know what she is talking about.

One evening, I was exasperated trying to comb her hair before bring her out for a walk for she was jumping up and down like a monkey. So I said, "Laetitia, comb your hair! You are not going out like that. Hair so messy, look like a ghost!"

Instantly, she froze and showed me a ghastly face, which look like this :s

She repeated my last word, "GHOST!"

I nodded, "Yes. Ghost. Have you seen one before?"

"YES." She replied with so much certainty, I almost jumped out of my skin.

"Where?" I prayed that she was not going to tell me something like in my room or beside me.

"In Ah Gong's house." came her answer.

I was relieved, at least our home is safe but just to make sure, I asked, "Just at Ah Gong's house. Not there right?"

She said cheekily, "Ya, Ah Gong's house."

Seriously, I don't know what to believe. Please tell me, she was just pulling my leg and my daughter is not really see dead people.

1 comment:

♡ Kimmie Kiss ♡ said...

Maybe on TV at Ah Gong's house? :P


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