Wednesday, August 25

Long Road to Recovery

Day 4, Morning - Working from home today.

Day 4, Afternoon - Wanted to have popiah for lunch. Sent my helper to buy for me so that I can continue working over lunch time but she called and said that the stall is not selling popiah today. So I made a fast decision to have Mac instead and after whooping down the burger and fries, I was drown by floods of regrets. Wah lau, I ate something so goddamn sinful! Then I used my lunch time to change my dressing. To my horror, the two "holes" for draining the fluid had closed! I was tempted to open them but I remember Nurse Fanny had warned me against doing so. I still had so much fluid left inside me. KNN. So upset. :(

Day 4, Evening - Took off my compression garment to pee and stole a glimpse of my weird looking body shape in mirror. There were so many dents and bugles. Is this normal??? Somebody, please tell me this will not be permanent!

Day 4, Night - Did the surgery cause me to be constipated? Maybe, probably more psychologically than physiologically, I suspect. So I took some laxative and after that whenever my tummy rumbles I would make my way to the loo. After making through those 2 damn rows of zippers and the numerous hooks to take my compression garment off, the "feel" to pass motion would simply just vanished. WTF! Then I had to painstaking put on back my damn garment.

Day 5, Very early morning (4am) - Woke up and finally shit! I swear I could smell the tumescent fluid in my poo! YUCKS!!

Day 5, Afternoon - Laundry my compression garment. Took the chance to air my skin which is getting so damn itchy. Suddenly I sneezed! FUCK! I almost thought I was bursting up from inside. Hell! It's HURTS!

Day 6 - Bought Hirudoid Gel after reading that it helps with the post-lipo's swelling and bruising. I know I should be patient when it comes to seeing the result of lipo but I can't help but feel so dejected each time I look in the mirror. I am still as large as pre-op. Maybe that's why in reality show like "Extreme Makeover", they had all the mirrors removed from the participant's room.

Day 7 - Went back to my office to work today. Skipped lunch so that I can go to the clinic for my check-up. All the incisions were closed so the nurses had to use syringe to draw out the fluid. Initially, I was scared shit but because I was left with no other better option, I relented. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Just tiny bit of pain when they injected the area with a L.A. to numb it before poking me with the large needle with a 20ml syringe. They managed to draw out more than 100ml of fluid.

Day 8 - Skipped lunch again. More drainage using syringe. Nurse Ah Boy chided me for not wearing my foam suit. She said those dents and lumpiness were a result for not using the foam suit. She stuff a sponge into my compression garment. Arrgghhh!! I look so bloody pregnant!

Day 9 - MORE drainage. Seriously, just when is this ever going to end? And MORE sponges were added into my compression garment too!

This is me, as good as a "bar-zhang"; wrapped up in my compression garment and stuffed with sponges!!


iWicked said...

Thanks for your detailed post on Vaser Lipo. Thinking of doing it with Tcs.

So how many liters of fat did u remove?
Eh, so far how many inches did u lose?
Are u satisfied with the results?

So need to drain how many days in total?

Thanks and nice blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I also done my face liposuction 3 mths ago at TCS but very disppointed with the result. Now just came back from Medan and done liposuction by Dr Authur. Really happy with Dr Arthur's skill.

The doctor in TCS said after 6mths if there's no result they will do touch up for me. I'm going to show them Dr Arthur's patient before and after picture. Really pissed off with them too.


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