Friday, August 27

Love My Baked Oysters with Cheese

Sometimes I hear married woman, who can't cook, rave about her incompetence as though it was a proud achievement that affirm her status of a modern wife, I can't help but wonder if she know what she is missing.

I am traditional. OK, only in certain context. I like to cook for my man and watch him savour my simple delights - food. I believe a good way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I already say, I am traditional.

My latest experiment: BAKED OYSTERS WITH CHEESE!

It's damn easy, just fresh oysters top with Mozzarella and Parmesans cheese. Oh btw, I shucked those oysters on my own too!

It's such bliss watching Mr Hubby wolfed down 3 of my baked oysters at past midnight, after he came home exhausted from a long day. ;)

1 comment:

melissa said...

I think Edwin will love me even more if I cook this for him! But then I don;t have an oven :(


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