Friday, November 26

The ENT Infection (Part 2)

After being plagued by a terrible sore throat after a sinus infection which comes and goes for the last 3 weeks, I had finally decided to visit an ENT Specialist to find out what exactly is wrong with me or in this case my throat.

The doctor used a flexible fiber optic scope to examine my throat by passing it through my nose. Eeeekk!!! When he told me what he was about to do, my soul jumped out of my body and bolted out of the door; Doc sensed that I was about to shit my pants, he assured me that the procedure would not hurt and went on to numb my nose with a spray.

Although the scope looked menacing and I was terribly intimidated by it, the procedure was only slightly uncomfortable but still very much bearable.

Here is the picture of my larynx, with inflamed arytenoids and there were little nodules found on it. Doc thinks that I have been abusing my vocal chord and he suggested that I talk less and talk softer.

But how am I going to ever do that when I am a trainer by profession and a mother to two ever challenging young children?!?!

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