Friday, December 31

On the last day of 2010

I hope 2010 has been a fantastic year for you as it had been for me. On the last day of this year, would you be doing what I am doing; looking back and counting the blessings?

I started the year 20 kg heavier than the year before. After Leonitus was born, I shed half of that weight on the first month and for that I had to thank the horrible root canal job that left me wringing in pain for one whole goddamn month.

Then conjunctivitis swept across my family, sparing no one. What an experience for us to go through together as a family; feeling the same soreness in our eyes and tasting the same shitty bitterness of the medicines in our mouth when eye-drop was administrated had certainly strengthen the value of compassion in all of us.

It is a year that had prospered my children’s doctors. Laetitia experienced a grossly swollen ear at the beginning of the year and a brutally swollen leg at the end of the year, both brought about by the allergic reaction from the unthinkable, but very common thing like a mosquito’s bite. While Leonitus gave us a HFMD scare plus 3 episodes of bronchiolitis in a span of 6 months, which left his pediatrician to conclude that he had an 80% chance of becoming asthmatic in his growing years. No to mention the cough and cold which happened almost every other month, infecting one after another – very much like baton passing but in a bad way.

Myself? After KKH, Mount E, NUH, TTSH and Raffles, I added a new hotel hospital to my list of admission. I spent a teary night at SGH but discharged fit as a fiddle afterward. My cousin hadn’t been so fortunate; sadly I lost her to cancer some time back this year.

The year hasn’t been all smooth like Leonitus’ butt; at times it can be treacherous and it had got to me on some occasions. On the hindsight, I am grateful for adversity, because it teaches me to cherish every day, to have dreams and goals, to live in the moment, to make plans, to love my life – so I could die one day, without regrets.

So my wish for all of you in the coming year is to have a fulfilling and enriching year for your mind as well as your soul, even if it means going through adversities at some point of your life.

Oh… before I forget. Resolution of 2011:
To trim off that last 3 to 4 kgs of fat off my body (pun intended!).

Have a blast welcoming the New Year!

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