Monday, January 3


My first entry for 2011 and I am sorry that it had to begin this way.

We were poisoned!!

Food poisoning greeted us 5 hours after the midnight of 1st Jan 2011, claiming Laetitia as its first victim. It was a trip to KKH but fortunately she wasn't admitted because the vomiting stopped after the doctor squeezed a suppository into her ass.

Because we all ate the same food and she was the only one puking, so the doctor at KKH suspected Laetitia of having stomach flu.

On the same day, I started running to the loo too, but there was  no signs of vomiting in my case so I dismissed it as a coincidence.

Then last night, Mr Hubby started to have diarrhoea and then today he was doing the merlion act. Oh.. what a poor thing!

That's the three of us, all displaying symptoms of food poisoning. And what do we all have in common before this? We ate the food prepared by our neighbor on New Year's eve for dinner. My helper and Leonitus were spared because the two of them did not eat any of those food.

Meanwhile Laetitia is well and had went to school this morning. Mr Hubby is running a fever and weak all over. Me? Other than visiting the toilet many times yesterday and the day before; there is this rambling in my tummy, I felt slightly nauseous and just farted few seconds ago. Guess, all the daily consumption of yogurt is paying off for me this time.

Oh.. and there was this bit of funnies that came out of Laetitia from this unfortunate event.

As it was the first time Laetitia experienced diarrhoea after she mastered doing her business in the toilet bowl instead of diaper, it shocked her to see that her poo "exploded" out of her butt and fragmented into tiny bits instead of looking well-formed like normal days. Laetitia was in tear when she said, "Mommy! I broke my poo poo!! I broke my poo poo!!"

I really should be comforting her but it was so amusing, I just can't stop laughing.

Yes.. Yes.. It did wish for adversity in my last entry, but I hadn't expect my "wish" to come through that fucking quickly. Now, can I changed it and wish for striking the lottery instead? Damn!

Latest update as of 6pm:
Our helper had started vomiting and having diarrhoea too. Perhaps the doctor at KKH is right, it might not be food poisoning after all; then it had to be Gastroenteritis as diagnosed by Laetitia's doctor. And this is worst because the latter is CONTAGIOUS!!!

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