Thursday, February 24

35... and loving it!


I was on leave on my birthday so I had the luxury to sleep in and I didn't wake up until it was almost noon. The smiley face of my son, Leonitus, was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes; he was beside me and had just woken up from his nap too. We cuddled and giggled, do the silliest thing, taking turns to suck his pacifier. What a lovely way to kickstart the day - my birthday!

Then I walked into the bathroom and saw this birthday greeting written on the mirror with a lipstick! Not my lipstick, I hoped. And then there was a piece of note, it seemed like a clue. Yes, it was indeed a clue to my birthday present! Treasure-hunting my birthday pressie? How exciting!!

"... a place where only you and me can access" That had to be our safe! That was a no brainer, come on I can do better than this! "Pressie, here I come!!"

What?! A key?!

"Key we use from Mon to Fri excluding P.H."... I was stubbed. I took that key and started poking into holes around the house, totally clueless. I gave up and text Mr Hubby to ask for more clues. But he thought I should be able to solve it on my own since I have always been a fan of crime shows like Mentalist and CSI. But don't he know that his wife is a bimbo?!

Finally after 90 minutes of wrecking my brain, I had a breakthrough. The key had to be for our letter-box! And sure enough, I found a nicely wrapped box sitting inside. I opened it up and there was yet another key! OMG!! I was beginning to hate KEYS!!

But this key was easy. It was the key to our second car, so I dashed out of the house again and make my way to the carpark. Found our car, opened all the doors, but found nothing inside the car. SHIT!! Where was it?? "Come out, come out, wherever you might be, pressie!"

Tried the car boot and there it was! A CHANEL box!! "Please. Don't let this be another key."

I opened up the box and WOW!!! A CHANEL bag. My first CHANEL bag!! YIPPY!!

I love it! I love it! I love it! I was jumping for joy right there in the carpark. Can you believe it?!

Poured everything from my LV bag into my birthday present and started using it immediately. Can't wait.


My mom volunteered to come over to help out with the kids so that I could go out for dinner with Mr Hubby, in peace. She gave me a red packet and bought me a birthday cake. I had a mini birthday celebration at home; singing happy birthday and blowing the candle out, much to the delights of my two birthday-loving kids.

I ate my cake with my two adorable darlings before bidding them goodbye to join Mr Hubby for our 'romantic' dinner for two, in a not so romantic place because I am definitely the unromantic one among us.

We went to The Line at Shangri-La Hotel for a sumptuous buffet dinner. I absolutely love oysters and sashimi. I ate close to a dozen oysters and so many more food. Luckily, I wasn't wearing anything tight fitted or I might just bust the seams of my dress.

Even though I was feeling so bloody full, I had some room reserved for desserts! The Creme Brulee and Tiramisu were simply too heavenly to be missed!

Apart from the delicious spread and my birthday surprise, I felt so loved by my husband. He is just the sweetest, although he is a man of few words. Anyway, who need a talkative husband, I don't.

Ooohhh... I am soaking up the bliss!

And I 'heart' my mom who has always been there for me and my kids. Mommy, you rock!

I am truly blessed to have this life. I had never imagine turning 35 to be so awesome! It's crazy, but I think I am beginning to like growing older! I am so looking forward to my 36th birthday... (more like, I can't wait to get my second and third and fourth CHANEL bag! LOL!!)

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