Monday, February 28

D for "Do or Die"... or "Diet"

I must have be soaking up just way too much bliss to put on THREE freaking kilos in one month. Blame it on CNY, V'day and my B'day, all happening in the month of Feb.

Although it was tough shedding those 20kgs that I had piled on having Leonitus, a year ago, my weight was coming down slowly in snail's speed. But at the very least, it had always been dropping not increasing. This is the first time for the last 12 months, the scale goes up instead of down. I am devastated! So devastated!

Quite frankly, I had been eating and eating and eating CARBS, CARBS and more CARBS recently. It was like suddenly, I developed a sweet tooth. I can't get enough of chocolates, cakes, bubble teas, ice-creams, pastries or anything and everything that I used to stay away from.

Now instead of having only three more kgs to go before reaching my pre-natal weight, I have SIX goddamn fucking kgs!!!


My goal is to go from 63kg to 60kg by April 2011. And then go further down to 53kg before Dec 2011. Yes, I am stretching my goal to go down four more kilos, beyond my pre-natal weight, to a weight that I had never was for the last five years.

That would means losing 10 very impressive kilo before the year end. So... could I do it?

YES! I would do everything I possibly can to achieve this seemingly impossible mission.

So people, from 1st March 2011 onward, please help me by NOT offering me anything to eat. Thank you in advance!

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Robert Sutton said...

Well at least you're not keeping track in lbs. Just think what that 2.2x multiplier would do to self consciousness! Good luck loosing the lard. ;)


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